Why Does Hydroxyethylidene Diphosphonic Acid So Popular?

The hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid is also used as a metal cleaner in the textile industry due to its good corrosion inhibition capability.

Currently, 1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid is used as a metal cleaning agent in the textile industry to deal with the scaling phenomenon. It can effectively remove scale, calcium oxide, silt and rust from water equipment. Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid has a remarkable effect in cleaning technology of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials.

All kinds of condenser, heat exchanger and filter, reverse osmosis equipment are widely used in textile industry. Due to the change of water quality and temperature difference, it is very easy to cause fouling in the equipment. That can greatly reduce the heat transfer and filtration efficiency of the equipment, resulting in a shutdown. Traditional methods are usually manual cleaning, high-pressure water washing and chemical cleaning. These methods not only have a poor cleaning effect but also cause corrosion and damage to metal tube and screen. And shortened the service life of the equipment.

In the water treatment industry, people all know how important the hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid is and how widely used it is. After reading this article, you can see why does hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid so popular.

1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid has excellent corrosion resistance to carbon steel, copper and copper alloys. It has good dispersion properties for calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. HEDP is the most important scale inhibitor in IROCHEM. It is mainly used in the open circulating cooling water treatment system. This acid is especially suitable for copper equipment system. 1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid acid can be used for high pH, high alkalinity and high hardness water. It is one of the ideal water treatment agents that do not adjust pH.

Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid is the main agent for water quality stabilization of circulating cooling water system. It is an organic phosphonic acid water treatment agent. This kind of water treatment agent products also include some other varieties, such as HEDP and DTPMP. Organic phosphonic acid is a water treatment agent developed in the late 1960s and confirmed in 1970s. Organic phosphoric acid has greatly improved water treatment technology. Compared with other organic polyphosphoric acids, 1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid has the characteristics of good chemical stability, low hydrolysis, high-temperature resistance and small dosage. It is a cathodic inhibitor and is a nonchemical equivalent scale inhibitor. Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid has an excellent chelating ability for many metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. Even for the inorganic salts such as CaSO4, CaCO3, and MgSiO3, 1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid has a good inactivation effect. Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid has a large number of applications in water treatment industry. It is also one of the main products of IROCHEM. One thing for sure, hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid is low-toxicity. In the biotoxicity test, the mice subcutaneous test LD50 was 486.4 mg/kg.


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